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We created this website to keep everyone informed regarding how far we progress with Stanwick's Neighbourhood Plan, the steps that we take and the documents that we examine or produce.




What should Stanwick look like in 2031?


The policies in the Neighbourhood Plan will influence developments for the next 15 years



17th July 2017 - East Northamptonshire Council 'made' the Plan


30th June 2017 - Stanwick voted YES in the referendum yesterday. 759 votes in favour, 20 votes against.


The Referendum date  - Thursday 29th June 2017.


24th April 2017 - we have received the report from the independent examiner and based on his recommendations, a 'Referendum Version' of the Plan will be produced. The Referendum Version of the Plan will be represnted to the Parish Council meeting on 18th May with a view to approving and adopting the Plan so that the referendum can be held in June 2017.


15th December 2016 - East Northamptonshire Council has completed the consultation. The Plan will now be considered by an independent examiner.


9th September 2016 - East Northamptonshire Council is preparing to carry out a consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan. This a legal requirement. The consultation dates are set for Friday 30th September to Monday 14th November 2016.


31st August 2016 - East Northamptonshire Council has confirmed that the Plan  fulfills the legal requirements. East Northants Council will now take the Plan forward through the next stages of the process.


26th August 2016 - Last night the Parish Council resolved to formally submit the Stanwick Neighbourhood Plan to East Northamptonshire Council.



August 2016: the preparation is underway to submit the Plan to East Northamptonshire Council.